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Galaxy ZEGA Starter Kit



The Galaxy ZEGA Standard Battlefield's advanced magnetic connection technology lets you assemble all the pieces and start playing within minutes. A variety of ingenious components together test the imagination and skills of you and your friends. And when you're ready for even greater challenges, you can replace elements of the bottom kit with a ZEGA X-Base (sold separately). 


  • Control your ZEGAs with your mobile devices(iOS and Android) via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Transmits instructions wirelessly up to 100 times per second
  • Fluid control and handing
  • Bluetooth automatic connectivity supports multiplayer (two to four) or one-on-one battles
  • Get virtual gold to upgrade your weapons and improve ZEGA’s attack, defense, and speed
  • More than 30 configurable skills to affect your opponent’s mobility and attack or to increase teammates’ HP and weapons
  • Subtle combinations of skills help you survive at critical moments
  • Increasing the volume during the game amplifies your gaming experience
  • Replaceable wheel hubs and special stickers let you create your own exclusive ZEGA
  • Expandable, easy-to-build battlefields give your imagination full rein to create a wide range of arena maps
  • Quick assembly with magnetic connection technology
  • Build different-sized battlefields depending on how you assemble the pieces
  • Varied components help you learn different styles of play as your skill increases

What’s in the Box?

  • Galaxy ZEGA Leo & Gondar 
  • Charger base
  • Charging cable
  • AC adapter
  • Sticker with four different patterns
  • Bottom kit (12 pieces)
  • Flank kit (16 pieces)
  • I adapting piece (10)
  • L adapting piece (4)
  • Rotary adapting piece (1)